Frequently asked questions


All our guests are provided with a full-coverage suit that is nice and warm, but will keep you afloat in case something happens. Under the suit you wear regular clothes and we recommend low, soft shoes. Anything but high heels. Normally you will not get wet, except in case of heavy rainfall. The suits are not completely waterproof, but water-repellent. Feel free to wear a hat, buff and gloves on chilly days. Sunglasses are never wrong at sea!

Unless otherwise agreed, pick-up and drop-off is at Fisketorget, Vågen, Stavanger. The address is Strandkaien 37.

Persons older than 14 years can participate. If you are under 14, you must be accompanied by an adult. The absolute minimum age is 5 years.

Our boat drivers are very experienced and drive gently. They will always do their utmost to give our guests a comfortable and safe experience. Our tours are not fast-paced extreme adventures, rather soft, comfortable and controlled tours. The boat ride will take place at about 30-35 knots, and will be adjusted according to the weather and wind, as well as the needs of the guests.

Yes, feel free to bring your camera or phone. There are pockets in the suit for smaller items. Remember to tag us on social media!

Sacks, bags and pouches are packed in our large, waterproof packing bags.

We always put safety first. People with back/neck problems, osteoporosis or other joint/skeletal injuries and pregnant women are advised to sit at the back of the boat, where it is quieter and you are less prone to bumps and jolts. You should not take part in a RIB trip if you are seriously injured or heavily pregnant.

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