Waves and sauna


Start the bachelor party with a fresh boat ride followed by a delicious dip in a floating sauna! In collaboration with DAMP Stavanger, we have put together a wonderful experience for the lucky couple getting married.

Start the day with a RIB tour in Stavanger's beautiful archipelago. The trip goes between idyllic islands, islets and reefs. Maybe we'll meet some ferries or speedboats that make some waves we can play in? This is an exciting, fun and safe activity suitable for a happy group of friends who want to have a good time together.

The RIB tour ends at the floating sauna in Svankevigå. Here you go straight from the boat into a fully heated sauna. From the sauna you can swim, jump, plunge, dive or just relax indoors or outdoors. You are allowed to bring your own drinks, but for safety reasons, drinks are limited to a regulated amount.

Do you want a trip outside our regular times?


Price: from 890,- per person (minimum 8 persons per boat)

Number of participants: 8 - 12 people

Duration : 120-180 min

Practical information


Experienced skipper
Warm, full-coverage suit
Life jacket
1 hour (2 hours) sauna
New weld ????
Pick-up is initially innermost in the wave, Stavanger, but can be changed by appointment.
Drop-off is in Svankeviga.

Terms of sale and cancellation policy

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